Here's a little insight into the Programs which we provide the people at BEST Community Connections.




The Community Participation Program aims to assist young people with a disability to develop skills they need to achieve their goals, increase independence and participate as valued and active members in the community. The program is targeted towards young people with an intellectual disability who require an alternative to paid employment or further education in the medium to long term.

The Leisure Link Program provides recreational programs for young people with a disability, including challenging behaviour support needs. Participants in the Leisure Link Program can spend time with their peers in age appropriate leisure programs. The Leisure Link Program is open to young people with a disability over the age of 16 years who live in the Inverell district. This service includes recreational programs, holiday programs and weekend camps.




The Active Ageing and Life Choices Programs assist adults with a disability to enjoy life and gain independent living skills through a mix of community access and centre based activities and training. Active Ageing responds to the needs and interests of older people aged 55 to 64 years who have a disability. Our aim is to promote an active and healthy lifestyle and assist clients to participate in community life and remain independent. The Life Choices program offers activities that are aimed at increasing clients independence, confidence and interests. The target group for a Life Choices Program is people with a disability aged 25 to 54 years with moderate to high support needs. As with all our programs we encourage the development of friendships and social skills both within our service and the wider community.

The Transition to Work program is a two year program which achieves employment for young people with a disability. Our service creates a person centered plan identifying short term and long term goals around employment. This plan is developed after consultation with the person and identified stake holders. Strategies are then put in place to improve and develop skills needed to achieve goals around securing sustainable employment. The Transition to Work Program is designed to support people over 18 years with moderate intellectual disability who have completed their education and require additional support to move into the work force.

To learn more about our programs please contact the Connections team at 1800 WE CONNECT or email us at info@connectionsinverell.com.