Connections Studio Artists Win at the Show

Creating art is often gratifying for the artist, but taking home a prize for the effort makes the experience even sweeter.

Painters at the BEST Community Connections art studio exhibited some of their best work for the 2019 Inverell Show. Three pieces stood out for the judge, and those artists proudly collected their work with ribbons attached.

The pieces awarded were just a fraction submitted by many of the studio artists who have been working with local artist, Andrea Faiers.

First prize was awarded to Samantha Forster, with her large, colourful landscape with African wildlife at a watering hole. Sam was rapt with her result and said she shared the news with residents in Warialda where she lives, adding she loves everything Africa, and was thrilled her painting of African animals won.

Artist Pam Creighton submitted paintings of a camel and a porcupine. Her bold porcupine painting was awarded second place, and Pam was very pleased with the result. She explained she has preferences when it comes to deciding what to paint.

“I just want to paint in different colours, and animals,” Pam said. She thought a fox would be her next subject to paint.

Cristen Taber had the Red Dog films in mind when she painted a portrait of a red kelpie which took home third place. She said it was awesome to walk in and see the white ribbon hanging from her painting.

“Excellent. It the first time I’ve won a ribbon,” she said.

Andrea felt exhibiting at the Inverell Show was an opportunity for inclusion and recognition as part of the local community, for the Connections studio artists.

“Everyone that’s in the art group at Connections gets so excited when they’re entering a competition,” Andrea said.

“They’re really focused on their work, the acknowledgement of community is very important to them, they love being able to sell their work, as all artists do.”